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藝術很難嗎?孩子比我們要懂得美。                                                         —— 蔣勛

Is art hard? Children understand beauty better than we do.                  --Jiang Xun

開學時,我們問三、四、五年級的學生:“什么是藝術?” 這個問題幫他們更寬泛地理解藝術,激發出他們更強的創意。接下來,請跟著小編一起把焦點對準Jamey, 對準藝術~~~

At the beginning of the school year, we asked grade 3,4, and 5 students: “What is art?” This question helps expand their ideas of what art can be and encourage greater creativity. Next, please follow me to focus on our art teacher Jamey and focus on art ~ ~ ~

本周,我們在這一課的基礎上,要求學生們思考如何與自然合作創造藝術。我們從英國藝術家安迪·戈德斯沃西(Andy Goldsworthy)那里尋找靈感。This week we built on the lesson and asked students to think about how we can work with nature to create art. We looked at the British artist Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration.


Goldsworthy is world-famous for his beautiful and clever artworks in nature. He does not use special tools when he is outside and makes his creations with things like stones, leaves, sticks, branches, and ice.


First, we looked at photos and videos of his art and had a class discussion how he made some of his incredible sculptures!






Then it was time to go outside and make our own art in nature. The students had a few basic rules to encourage creativity and protect their safety:

1.Only use materials you find outside.  

2.No tools allowed!  

3.Do not touch berries, mushrooms, or dangerous items.  

4.Stay where the teachers can see you. 

學生們一到戶外,他們的想象力就自由地馳騁,高興地采集樹葉、樹枝和石頭。學生按大小和顏色分類,尋找有趣的材質和圖案。Once the students got outside, their imaginations were free to run wild as they joyfully gathered leaves, twigs, and stones. Students sorted things by size and color and looked for interesting textures and patterns. 


Some made beautiful designs.


Some made interesting structures.


And some students found clever ways to make their own tools.  


Exploring in the outdoors in autumn was a breath of fresh air both for creative thinking and problem solving. Combined with teamwork and inspiration, our students created some truly beautiful and interesting works of art!


We often see the children in a daze.Please don't say anything to them because they are trying to know better about the world with their own eyes and ears.