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華頓課堂百變,專家好評一片 The Experts Highly Commended Walton Variety Classes

發布時間:2019-10-14 12:10:39





Taicang Walton Foreign Language School 

welcomed the teaching and research staff of 

the Taicang Teacher Development 

Center to conduct classroom 

observation and guidance.

Let's take a look at the serious atmosphere of the day.




Chinese: Xue Lifen, a Chinese teacher and researcher from Taicang Teacher Development Center, observed Sun Yining and Shi Xiumeis classes. Both of their classes were observed by Ms. Xue who praised Walton for carrying out Chinese teaching very well. She also praised our teaching atmosphere for being very welcoming. She was also pleased to see that our students were in a very safe learning environment. After the meeting, Ms. Xue also said that she would come to our school more in the future.



English: Dai Yan, a teacher and researcher of Taicang Teacher Development Center, observed the classes of two English teachers in our school. One was taught  by the sixth grade teacher Lu Yaying. Her class is rich and colorful, ingeniously designed. The other was by Wu Ziyi, a second grade teacher. Her class is lively and interesting. Her students are enthusiastically involved in it. The group of English teachers were pleased to get the recognition and praise of Ms. Dai. After communicating with Ms. Dai, how to teach English better in the future is more clear.



Mathematics: Ms. Yang Huijuan, a researcher in math teaching of Taicang Teacher Development Center, observed the math lessons of Xu Jingjing and Shen Mengqian. Ms. Xu, a third grade teacher, focused on a lot on inquiry in her lesson. With unique design, this lesson can be an interesting and effective teaching model. Ms.Shen, a fourth-grade teacher, gave a well-prepared lesson of application of multiplicative commutative law. This lesson took level-teaching and students' abilities into consideration. At the seminar, on the one hand, Ms. Yang made positive comments on the two lessons, and on the other hand, she also gave constructive suggestions, and offered to come to our school next semester.



Science: Ms. Gao Wenwen, a researcher in science teaching of of Taicang Teacher Development Center, liked our PYP program, and gives high recognition to Wu Xia and Zeng Ying's classes. She asked the teachers many questions, such as how to conduct a good science lesson, how to make students involved in inquiry better, how to stimulate children's interest in learning and how to make students better grasp knowledge and so on. The teachers benefited a lot from the seminar.











All the primary teachers have gained, 

a profound understanding of this truth: 

as a teacher, 

wholeheartedly preparing lessons, 

single-mindedly teaching lessons, 

centering around students, 

standing in the middle of the classroom, 

 and carefully cultivating them 

make quality education.